PlayBox App for Android – APK File Download

The Android platform is the way of the future. In many ways, it is way more intuitive, innovative and novel regarding approach than the iPhone ever was. With enhanced features, faster and more stable performance, accessibility and facilitation of usage, Android devices are gaining a reputation as being the best and most effective ones in the field. It’s no wonder that the number of users associated with the platform is increasing at a phenomenal rate with each passing day.

One of the best aspects of the Android operating system is the vast and diverse choice of applications that are associated with it. These apps have something to offer for everyone. There is a huge selection of games for the slaking of every gamer’s needs, social media apps, training apps like cooking coaches and so on. Also, the best part about these applications is that they also include certain ones that allow users to connect with the music, videos and entertainment based outlets of their choice.

If you are from amongst the countless others who are discombobulated by the prospect of finding an appropriate app for satiating your movies streaming needs, then PlayBox for Android is for you. It allows users to stream movies, old and new alike, on their devices for free.

PlayBox  for Android is one such application and has managed become one of the most eminent and workable ones associated with media streaming and downloading. For those of you that are unaware or have simply no heard of PlayBox or Megabox HD…….listen up. PlayBox for Android offers the very best in streaming services and capabilities. With Playbox for Android, you can download the latest TV series and Movies to and stream them on your device. All you need to do is download PlayBox and install it on the device of your choice, say a Tablet or Mobile Phone. What makes PlayBox so appealing and different from other such contemporary apps is the fact that in addition to downloading the best movies and TV shows, you can stream them on your device in HD format. That is simply awesome right. Just imagine, you can download the series of your choice and watch it at your leisure and convenience in a format that is crisp, sharp and extremely well defined regarding resolution. The resulting effect will be tremendously satisfying indeed.

Certainly with PlayBox, you get the complete package for getting your entertainment based needs fulfilled at one station. PlayBox is the complete and consummate solution to your streaming needs and allows you to view the coolest movies and the most demanded shows in a format that is so fabulous that you get to enjoy every single frame. PlayBox comes jam-packed with great and attractive features and is sure to be a hit with every age group. Combine this with a fast paced and extremely responsive interface and you got a hit on your hands. So for all of you that haven’t checked out PalyBox yet, what are you waiting for? Go and download it today.


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Microsoft creating Own Mobile Virtual Network?

Software giant Microsoft has recently teased about creating their own sim card. The Windows builder has been trying to make profit out of its smartphone unit, and through their new venture of universal platformization of the Windows 10, they are experimenting with more features that will be available for the OS.  They are now trekking in the land of networking.

Microsoft is trying to make LTE access more easy by making their own sim. Currently, they have published an app on the Microsoft Windows Store which lets the user jump to a carrier for data services through the help of a Microsoft Account and a  Microsoft sim. But the app is only usable in a windows 10 device.

Though Microsoft has not revealed any plans about the future of this technology, certain sources of information does indicate that the Satya Nadella led corporation is trying to build its own mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE). The Cellular data app is already an indication of that. This will especially help people stay connected in remote regions also where some operators normally do not provide good connectivity. Microsoft has not severed ties with leading MVNE Transtel and has retained SIM 901 solution. This further justifies that this technology is happening and it will be rolled out in the market pretty soon.

In a Transtel press release, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Eric Lockard said

“We want to promote the adoption of cellular connectivity on Windows tablets and laptops to complement classic Wi-Fi connectivity and make it easier for consumers to connect to the internet, anywhere, anytime,”

“The Transatel SIM 901 solution helps us reach this objective in multiple markets through a single interface. In just a few clicks, consumers will be able to easily buy pre-paid data plans on supported Windows 10 devices.”

The user who wants to use this technology must have a Microsoft Sim and a Microsoft account. The tariffs will be available within the cellular data app once the brand makes the news official. With respect to this, the SIM 901 solution is already available in almost 38 countries at the present and”The Transatel SIM 901 solution helps us reach this objective in multiple markets through a single interface. In just a few clicks, consumers will be able to easily buy pre-paid data plans on supported Windows 10 devices.”Transtel are looking to expand their business to 50 countries in the new year.

If Microsoft launches its own sim card then it will go head on with Apple’s SIM card. Which will be the best bet, Only time will tell.


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